My name is Barbara Graver. I'm a writer, multi-media blogger and Etsy shop owner. My first paranormal novel is finished and due out later this year! I am also hard at work on two books: my second paranormal novel and a nonfiction book on spiritual dreams. I blog and podcast on dreams, the paranormal, psi and related topics at In my spare time, I create Catholic and Gothic themed printables for Etsy. To get my blog posts and media delivered straight to your inbox, please sign up for my email list!



The Spirit Dream is part spiritual memoir and part dream resource. It shares my personal experience with spiritual dreams and the highly unusual dream that kicked off my journey. Topics covered include dream interpretation, prophetic dreams, visitation dreams, interdimensional dreams, working with dreams, the role of God's providence in understanding dreams and more. While the primary focus is what I've learned from my own direct experience, relevant research is also included. Look for the book in late 2024 or sign up for release updates below!


The last thing vampire tracker, Miranda O’Malley, wants to do is repeat the past - and agreeing to let her ex-boyfriend, vampire, Nick Markovich, join in the search for seventeen-year-old Ashley Clements does not change that fact.  But there is more to Ashley’s disappearance than meets the eye and, as the pair track a murderer through New Boston’s infamous Vampire District, Miranda begins to realize that nothing - past or present - is quite what it seems. Trancing Miranda will be available in mid 2024 in both ebook and print copy!

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